September 7, 2020

Testing of Emergency Sirens

Enemed Co Ltd will be testing the emergency alarms at Birzebbugia, Has Saptan and Ras Hanzir installations on Thursday 10th September 2020.
The alarms will be sounded at 9 am and will last for less than a minute, as part of an annual procedure to ascertain the Company’s preparedness for related installations.
The sounding of emergency alarms is one of the safety measures used to alert these communities in such situations together with other related national authorities as stipulated in the applied regulations.

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Seminar for Franchise Pump Attendants

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Congratulating Retirees

  Enemed would like to heartily thank and congratulate Mr Brian Vella, Mr Carmel Zammit, Mr Philip Camilleri and Mr Saviour Said on their retirement.   We thank you for your service within Enemed and on behalf of all employees we wish you a prosperous retirement for many more years to come.      

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