March 2, 2020


MAviO was the first local aviation conference that brought together the many facets of the local aviation scene under one roof. The first edition was held way back in 2011 with the assistance of two world-class aeronautical publications, namely World Airnews and JP4 Aeronautica. This year will be no exception, with the 9th edition taking place on 4th May at the Salini Resort.

Over the years the MAviO conference has grown in importance, thus becoming the biggest gathering for the local aviation industry. The annual Enemed MAviO Aviation Awards also form an integral part of The meet-up and they are the only awards in the Maltese aviation scene to specifically target the aeronautical field.

Enemed has played a crucial part in helping out to make this event the success story it is today. The MAviO Board led by the ever enterprising Ms. Marvic Bugeja and aided by her deputy Mr. Riccardo Flask, has managed to carve an important niche in the yearly calendar of events. Admission to the conference is FREE but strictly by invitation.

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