April 9, 2021

Know Your Blue

From Motorsports to the day-to-day commute, Enemed takes pride in delivering exceptional fuel by working with both suppliers and customers to improve the product based on each and every driver’s needs, and Enemed’s eDiesel, which is highly recognised by its distinctive blue colour, is no exception!

The blue-toned eDiesel contains exceptional characteristics and benefits which help any vehicle perform at its best.


Benefit #1        Maintains Engine Cleanliness

A clean engine = Better Performance.

Whilst keeping the engine free from debris and clean from dirt built up is important, when we talk about a clean engine, we are referring to keeping it clean from harmful deposits that are commonly caused by standard grades of fuel. Such deposits can cause deterioration in performance – highly noticeable with hesitation in acceleration-, an increase in exhaust emissions, a shorter particulate filter life – which means black exhaust -, and also reduced economy.

The Enemed’s blue-toned eDiesel is a superior quality of fuel – technically identified as EN590 Diesel – that actually helps prevent such deposits build up whilst also helping remove carbon deposits left behind by other standard-grade fuels, which results in the vehicle producing cleaner emissions.

Benefit #2        Improvement in Performance

From a new vehicle to an old one, the eDiesel’s features helps your vehicle perform better, and a better performing vehicle reduces both fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Performance can also be felt in the vehicle’s power and torque – an engine’s rotational force, also known as “oomph” or “grunt”.

Such performance is not only beneficial for the wo/men on the street but also in motorsports, as a skilled motorsport driver, a competitive machine, and a superior fuel – eDiesel – make the perfect combination for a champion on the tracks.

Benefit #3        Increase in Engine Power and Reliability

All eDiesel characteristics interlink together, with one feature’s benefit helping the other, making the blue eDiesel unique to the market. Diving further into the technical aspect, the blue-hued eDiesel comprises of a high cetane value. In laymen’s terms, a cetane value is an indicative mark of how fast and completely the fuel will burn in the combustion chamber. The higher the cetane value the better as it ensures that the client gets the most value from every litre of eDiesel used, as the engine experiences easier cold starts, again an improvement in performance, and smoother and quieter running, whilst also producing fewer emissions.

An increase in the certain value is contributed by the renewable aspect of Enemed’s blue-coloured eDiesel which also helps in decreasing the aromatic content.


Enemed has always taken pride in providing the best fuel and continues to do so on the daily. Feel the difference for yourself and on your next diesel fuel up, check for the eDiesel Mark and Enemed approved stamp at a service station near you, and fuel your vehicle with the blue-toned eDiesel.

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