November 6, 2019


Born and raised in the powerboat scene thanks to the family-owned powerboat factory, Chaudron, which was founded in 1988 by Aaron Ciantar’s father, Charles, Aaron’s passion for powerboat racing can be seen in many of his projects, including his prestigious five-time title achievement; World Powerboat Champion.

Today, Aaron is the Managing Director of Chaudron and truly lives by the factory’s motto, ‘We race what we build’. His latest project, VOOMQUEST, is a World Powerboat Racing Championship recognised by the international governing body, UIM, and founded by Aaron Ciantar himself. He explains, “I’ve been racing in Powerboat World Championships for the last 15 years, achieving 5 World Champion titles, so from all this experience gained, I wanted to create a newly designed class championship of my own.” All powerboats participating in the championship are manufactured by Chaudron and are fuelled proudly and officially by none other than Enemed.

Thanks to the VOOMQUEST sponsorship, a fruitful friendship was built between Aaron and Enemed, and today Aaron Ciantar is a proud brand ambassador and feels, “very honoured and grateful that Enemed have put their trust in me and support me all the way.” Thanks to this partnership, Enemed gets a front row seat and invaluable insight on how its fuel performs, but this time on sea, and uses this opportunity to continuously improve the fuel’s performance for the best results, especially for the powerboat racers, which sport is gaining local popularity with VOOMQUEST attracting international fame.

For anyone aspiring to practice powerboat racing, Aaron, who has been inspired by many racing drivers he has met throughout his career, advises, “… it’s a gratifying and challenging sport, as long as you are focused on the task at hand, especially on technicality.” Aaron’s greatest lesson throughout his racing career was taking all his notes back to the factory, Chaudron, and implementing them into boat building, since in racing as he explains, “you are always driving to the limit!”

Apart from his family, Aaron’s main focus is currently on VOOMQUEST, and is working to make each round of this championship bigger and better. However, he has not excluded powerboat racing for himself and foresees the possibility of racing in the USA in the upcoming years. Until then, follow Aaron’s wondrous journey with Enemed, which company he describes as, “Powerful and Reliable.”


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