October 8, 2019


A remarkable portfolio of works, an awe-inspiring personality, and in the spotlight since 1998; Clare Agius needs no introduction! In addition to being part of many remarkable projects, Clare is currently a TV Presenter and Producer of some of Malta’s favourite programmes; Ilsien in-Nisa and Airborne. It was through Airborne that the strong relationship between Clare Agius and Enemed commenced.

Whilst Enemed is the official fuel provider for Malta’s International Airport, Clare Agius provided an opportunity for Enemed to get closer to aviation enthusiasts, a niche audience whose love for flying goes beyond a means of transportation. This collaboration brought opportunities to individuals who had specific hopes and dreams in relation to flying, such as; attending the Red Bull Racing in Austria, an adrenaline-fuelled Sky-Diving experience, and the rare-opportunity to Fly on the Tiger Moth. Clare states, “Enemed genuinely wants to support people and motorsports, and through this support, we were able to reach aviation lovers.  So, it is a real honour and pleasure to be able to represent Enemed as their Brand Ambassador, for I am sure we can continue evolving our collaboration to bring about more similar experiences.”

Clare Agius’ love for flying started years before Airborne was even in the pipeline. She had been dreaming of getting her wings since her childhood, way back when she was influenced by her father’s, who worked with Air Malta since its inception, own love for aviation. Unfortunately, when Clare Agius attempted to pursue her dream at the age of 18, Air Malta had recruited enough pilots and was no longer offering free training, training which, if done separately, presented a financial burden. Agius put her dream on hold to save enough money for it, during which another career opportunity came along; Theatre and TV. This path was and still is a time-consuming yet creative profession which Agius loves wholeheartedly, but her passion for aviation was a flame that could not be dimmed. In 2008, above her TV work, Clare Agius dedicated a whole year to aviation training which lead her in getting her Private Pilot License and flying solo; fulfilling her life-long dream.

During this time, Clare Agius met Mark Zerafa with whom she joined production, and used her in-depth experience in TV to produce Airborne; a 26-episode series that broadcasted on national television. 9 years later they joined forces again to produce another 13 episode which aired last October through to December and are now in the process of filming next season’s Airborne!  The aviation industry is booming and is a strong pillar in the Maltese economy, and the programme showcases various opportunities available within this industry; “We seek to shed more light on what goes on within the industry which stretches beyond the pilot and engineering professions we seem to think are the epitomes of aviation.”, Clare Agius explains. This production also gives Agius the opportunity to stay immersed within the aviation industry, thus fulfilling her passion for both flying and TV.

As Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” and Clare Agius surely embodies this quote in many ways. Airborne, along with Ilsien in-Nisa are two segments that have Agius fully committed and take up most of her time, but she loves doing this as it fulfils her passion, and she surely does the job extremely well! Producing and presenting these segments are just the tip of the iceberg, as these also bring additional tasks, such as; social media coverage, photoshoots, filming, meetings and so much more, but they are also a piece of the puzzle that make Clare Agius who she is.

Along the years, Agius’ curiosity and flair for learning gave her the push she needed to build on her experience, and today she is wise enough to listen to her gut when faced with any life decisions, one of which is the decision of taking on Personal Social Responsibility projects. With her Saving Our Blue project, which is a project very dear to her heart, she is constantly engaged with a varied audience, including children, corporate and government personnel. She takes on this environmental activist role very seriously and is able to send educational messages and bring environmental change to the Maltese Islands.

A busy schedule is an understatement to say the least, but Agius has learned to dedicate the right amount of time for each and every project, and plans her schedule to a tee, with her family being the top priority amongst anything else. To anyone who aspires to have a career like her, she advises, “Be patient and let time mature you.  Being patient means working hard every day and dedicating the required time needed so that you are able to reap the fruit of your hard work in years to come. I also learnt to not lay all my eggs in one basket and broaden my areas of learning. Focusing and dedicating more time on one task is necessary in becoming a professional at it, but after years of practice, you will be able to move between one and another with more ease and in less time.”

Agius describes Enemed as reputable, dynamic and high performers, which are also factors that she herself represents, thus making her an ideal Brand Ambassador for Enemed.


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