November 27, 2019


The latest Brand Ambassador representing Enemed is a force to be reckoned with. From being a walking canvas showcasing an array of astonishing works of art on her body, following a fitness regime that has us all scrambling to subscribe to a gym, co-managing her family’s renowned fish shop, to posting about all her ventures on social media, it is with no surprise that Denise Gafa’s advice to someone who aspires to have a lifestyle and career like hers is to “Always be you.”

Anyone following Denise on social media knows how true to her advice she is, taking on new challenges that fit her character and lifestyle daily, with the latest being; getting her motorcycle driving license. She has always been in awe of motorcycles, and the thought of owning one always gave her shivers down her spine. Whilst the thrill of the ride was the main factor that fuelled her passion and made her get her license, it was also the fact that an island, like Malta or Gozo, would benefit more from having more motorcycles on the road by reducing the heavy traffic that we are accustomed to.

It is also this same message that Enemed wants to portray through this collaboration, along with others like sharing the road, respecting all drivers, and going to places on the Islands where no car can take you. This is also a huge opportunity for Enemed to get closer to a niche audience, the same audience that embodies Gafa’s positive enthusiasm towards life.

Gafa’s enthusiasm is truly empowering and her individuality has been quite an inspiration to many who struggle to simply be themselves, but it’s her curiosity and love towards life that keeps her moving forward, of which she states, “I’m never certain of what road I’ll be on next and I’m fine with that. It’s exciting. As long as I keep moving forward, keep learning and remain curious, I’m positive I’ll love whatever comes my way.” She further encourages others by advising, “Don’t force anything to happen. Let things flow and come to you. Don’t take things too personal, it’s not worth the energy.”

Gafa draws most of her inspiration from her parents, whose drive and commitment are something that she has never encountered before, and further comments, “I lack self-discipline most times and therefore lack commitment. So, looking at them and what they have achieved together is amazing and seems almost impossible for me to accomplish!”. Despite this, Gafa does the impossible every day, thanks to a good cup of coffee every morning and planning her tasks and goals the night before. Whilst her lifestyle is not easy and her schedule occasionally takes a toll on her, she loves living a busy life as it makes it more interesting for her.

Gafa is looking forward to her new adventure with Enemed, and had the following to say, “Enemed is honest, reliable and fun, and it is an honour representing them. I believe in Enemed and to be supported by them through my journey means a lot to me!”


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