February 14, 2020


When it comes to being more environmentally friendly, a little goes along way especially if we can get into the habit of keeping these small things in our vehicle:


   Reusable Bag/s

From grocery shopping to heading to the farmer’s market, keeping reusable bags in your vehicle reduces the amount of disposable paper and plastic bags that end up in our landfill.

You may also wish to go a step further by also investing in mesh bags to hold your fruit and vegetables, instead of grabbing a plastic bag for loose items.




As with reusable bags, keeping containers in your vehicle when grocery shopping is another alternative to reduce the use of plastic/paper bags. Many supermarkets and farmer stalls are more than happy to provide you with loose items in these containers.

Additionally, ordering a salad from the salad bar to fuel your day? Many companies will be more than happy to provide you with lunch in your own container, simply ask first or shop around for companies who do, you’ll be amazed by how many are offering such an eco-alternative.


   Travelling Mug and Reusable Bottle

Get into the habit of using a reusable travelling mug or bottle (many reusable bottles offer a cold and warm thermo feature) for your daily morning juice or for your much-needed caffeine wake up call. Additionally, if you are more prone to buy either during your morning commute or coffee break, give the mug to the barista who will be more than happy to fill it up. Some offer discounts when using your own mug…. So, it’s a double bonus.


   Reusable Straw

On average, we use 1.6 straws daily. Switching to a reusable straw (plenty to choose from) reduces the amount that ends up in our oceans, and the latest retractable straws are the perfect fit for any bag or dashboard, and the perfect accessory to your morning smoothie.




Keeping a small bin in your vehicle not only helps keep your car clean… (not judging, we all have a banana peel running around in our car) but also helps in reducing the waste we throw on the streets. Whilst it is not only respectful to the people who clean up, it is also a respectful practise for our environment, the ocean and the biodiversity living in these settings.




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