June 30, 2020


Enemed’s support and dedication to the local motorsport industry is unmeasurable, and it is with no surprise that this is also reflected in how Enemed provides endless opportunities, encouraging guidance, and a positive working environment to its employees.

The company strives in looking for ways to grow based on its employees’ abilities and strengths which in return gives a platform for the employees’ career to unfold, including continuous investment in the most advanced technology. This does not only improve employee’s productivity and efficiency, but it also provides further motivation to personnel.

Motivation is also a key result when showing appreciation, and Enemed is a high believer in applauding continuous energy, efforts, and accomplishments with its current reward system. Building on motivation, the HR team at Enemed strives in providing help and guidance wherever needed and offers resources when necessary to make the day-to-day tasks physically and mentally less tedious. This includes offering flexitime and teleworking to whom requires it to make the employee’s working day more adaptable to one’s lifestyle and routine.

At Enemed, there is no such thing as a typical day. From an event to launching the latest product; from new work challenges to day-to-day tasks, there is always a vibe going on. Add to this the buzzing of the phones in the various offices and the bustling of employees in the next rooms, discussing, laughing, or getting worked up during a meeting, team building, or brainstorming session, and you have a constant satisfying working day at Enemed.

Employee satisfaction is not the only high priority at Enemed, but equality amongst all personnel takes equal importance. The sense of equality kick-starts before an individual joins the company, and from the pre-recruitment stage with the vacancy adverts and job descriptions to the diverse selection panel, everyone is treated the same, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, race or disability.  Additionally, and keeping in mind that experiences vary according to these factors, everyone is encouraged to voice his and her own opinion.


Visit enemed.com.mt/vacancies to see the available opportunities at Enemed.

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