September 11, 2020

Fuelling Awareness

Supporting local Motorsport and providing a wide range of opportunities to its employees are not the only factors that make Enemed the strong and supportive brand it is, but its CSR initiatives are also as powerful!

Enemed has always used their platform to bring awareness to several local initiatives and organisations, including promoting blood donations and donating to several local entities, amongst other, but for the past few years, Enemed has been supporting Pride month and joining the awareness campaigns of Pink October and Movember.

Throughout the upcoming months you will notice that the Enemed fuel bowsers roaming the streets will all be colourfully branded with various visuals, that showcase a sign of respect from Enemed towards social inclusivity and acceptance towards the LGTBQ community, and highlighting the importance of medical checks to prevent or detect early; breast, prostate and testicular cancer.

Using Enemed’s platform to give a further voice to these internationally and locally important topics,  is not only the responsibility of every brand but continues to showcase that a business’ purpose is to give a helping hand to the community!

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