April 13, 2020


April 22nd marks Earth Day, and this year the international theme is Climate Change. We’re joining Clare Agius to honour this movement with a few simple yet effective tips on how we can change small habits to help our home; EARTH.


Tip #1               Buy Local

Buying local not only supports the local artisan, boosts the local economy and heavily reduces plastic packaging, but it also reduces carbon footprint. Any item, including food, that has been imported into Malta and Gozo has travelled a great deal, and as a result, contributed to polluting the air. From boat to plane, the mileage on an item imported contributes greatly to climate deterioration.


Tip #2               Pick Alternative Transportation

From taking the bus to catching the ferry service; and from dusting off your bicycle riding skills to taking a scenic walk, there are several alternative transportations available to not only reduce traffic congestions but to also reduce harmful emissions into our environment.


Tip #3               Eat Less Meat

Not only is eating less meat a healthy benefit for our bodies, but animal agriculture is estimated to produce more greenhouse gases than the whole of the transportation industry combined*. Whilst going full-blown vegan might not be the ideal initial step, cutting meat to at least once a week is the starting point to help with reducing climate change.

*Click HERE for source


Tip #4               Biodegradable & Organic

Want vs need play a great deal in our buying decision process, add in the factor of price in and the battle between price vs quality commences, but we need to start understanding not only how the product came to be, but where it will end up. Cotton buds, toothbrushes, regular liquid soaps, and many more products end up in our landfills and oceans, further contributing to waste generation and harming our eco-system.

Looking at the ingredients of a product helps us understand the harm it can create to our environment, and finding eco-friendly alternatives to it, such as biodegradable cotton buds, bamboo toothbrushes, organic soaps, and many more, can help reduce the harm we cause the environment.


Tip #5               Grow Your Own

Get your hands dirty with a little gardening. Even if you don’t have a yard or a garden at home, basic plants such as Mint, Thyme, Rosemary, and many more herbs don’t need a lot of room. Just a little sun, a sprinkle of water and a little loving is all they need for you to have your own mini herb garden at home.

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