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eDiesel is a superior quality 0% biodiesel. The eDiesel contains renewable diesel that keeps the car’s engine clean and thus improving performance.

eDiesel does not contain biodiesel.

Using standard grades of fuel can leave harmful deposits in the engine that can cause deterioration in performance, most noticeable hesitation in acceleration. Not only that, these deposits can result in increased exhaust emissions, shorter diesel particulate filter life and reduced economy. Enemed eDiesel helps prevent these deposits from building up and helps remove carbon deposits left behind by other, standard—grade fuels. Whether you have an old or new car, Enemed eDiesel will keep your car performing at its best.

Enemed eDiesel provides an increase in power and torque compared to the standard grade of diesel fuel. The carbon build—up is very low with eDiesel, reducing the accumulation of deposits in fuel nozzles and thus improving engine performance and lowering maintenance costs.

The eDiesel contains high cetane value. This is an indicator of how readily and completely the fuel will burn in the combustion chamber. Both new and old engines can benefit from higher cetane levels. Cetane plays an important role during the combustion process and helps users get the most value from every litre of diesel used. Generally speaking, the higher the cetane number, the faster the fuel will ignite and the more completely it will burn. These attributes are important because as the fuel burns faster and more completely, the engine experiences easier cold starts, greater performance, smoother and quieter running and produces fewer harmful emissions.

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technical specifications
Test Method Units Results Spec
Cetane Number  ISO 15195  56.3  55.0 min 
Cetane Index ISO 4264:07 - 54.3 46.0 min
Density @ 15°C ISO 12185:01 kg/l 0.8275 0.8200 - 0.8450
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons ISO 12916 % mass 3.0 8.0 max
Sulphur UVF ISO 20846:11 mg/kg 6.1 10.0 max
Flash Point PMCC ISO 2719:02 °C 62.0 >55
MCR on 10% bottoms ISO 10370:14 % mass 0.01 0.3 max
Ash ISO 6245:02 mass <0.01 0.01 max
Water by KF ISO 12937:00 mg/kg 46 200 max
Total Contamination EN 12662 mg/kg 5.5 24 max
Cu Strip Corrosion (3h @ 50°C) ISO 2160 - 1A 1 max
FAME content EN 14078:14 % vol NIL NIL
Oxidation Stability ISO 12205 g/m3 5 25 max
Lubricity wsd 1.4 @ 60°C ISO 12156-1 μm 439 460 max
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C ISO 3104:97 mm2/s 2.625 2.00 - 4.50
Distillation Curve: ISO 3405:11 - - -
     Recovery @ 250°C   % vol 39.1  
     Recovery @ 350°C   % vol 94.3 85 min
    95% Recovery   °C 353.5 360 max
CFPP EN 116:00 °C Minus 12 zero max
Manganese Content EN 16576 mg/l <0.1 2.0 max
eDiesel can be found at the
following fuel stations

Cassar Fuels Service Station, Barrani Road,Tarxien

Francis Motor Services Ltd.,350/4 Zabbar Road,Fgura

F.Busuttil Service Station Ltd., Triq tal-Barrani,Bir id-Deheb,Zejtun

Cassar Fuels Service Station,410 Cannon Road,St. Venera 

Micheal Galea, Sir Harry Luke Street,Mgarr

Nabela Ltd.,3 Triq tal-Labour,Naxxar

Gatt Shell Service Station,96/97 New Street,Luqa

Cassar Fuels Service Station,Triq il-Mosta,Lija

V & J Grima Ltd.,Triq Nicola Saura,Rabat

Howard Garden Petrol Station,Is-Saqajja,Mdina

Laguna Seca Petrol Station,101,Constitution Street,Mosta

Auto Fuel Station,161,Constitution Steet,Mosta

Grech & Ellul Ltd.,Sir Boffa Avenue,Paola 

F & A Magri Service Station,Airport Road,Luqa

Sterling Service Station,Triq Testaferrate,Ta' Xbiex

Falcon Service Station,Triq Testaferrate,Gzira

Industrial Motors Service Station,National Road,Blata l'Bajda

Bonnici Stores,40,Burmarrad Road,Burmarrad